Oproep Internationale Masterclasses

Circomundo behartigt belangen van jeugdcircussen in Nederland.

Oproep Internationale Masterclasses


Circomundo werkt met jeugdcircusorganisaties in Europa samen. Ervaringen uitwisselen en leren van elkaar staan daarin centraal. In het komend seizoen worden een aantal masterclasses georganiseerd rond  voor/over Assistent Trainer.

De voortaal tijdens de masterclasses is Engels, dus hieronder ook de Engelstalige oproep:


We are looking for both assistant trainers and their trainers to take part in a European masterclass!

Are you an assistant trainer in a youth circus, or would you like to be? Or are you a trainer of circus (assistant) trainers? Are you interested in meeting European colleagues, discussing best practices and different ways of organizing assistant trainer trainings? Do you want to learn new things, meet interesting people and to develop your skills? All this for free, in a motivating atmosphere?
We offer you:

  • five interesting days of sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices around the topic assistant trainer trainings
  • a possibility to develop your professional skills
  • a possibility to meet and discuss among colleagues from eleven European countries
  • food and accommodation on location
  • a reimbursement of travel costs

We are looking for:

  • one assistant trainer in a youth circus, or a circus amateur interested in being an assistant trainer. Your task is to represent the young people from your country when we discuss what an European model for an assistant trainer training could be like
  • one trainer of assistant trainers, trainer of trainers, or an experienced circus teacher in the topic of planning/discussing a training for circus assistant trainers

There is one place reserved for a young person and one place for an experienced person from each participating country.

The first masterclass is held in Gschwend, Germany on October 14th to 18th, 2018 (arrival on the October 13th). Other masterclasses are in Talinn, Estonia (febrary 19), Lodz/Poland (april 19), Netherlands (october 19), Spain of Belgium (november 19) 

For more information, contact your National umbrella organisation Circomundo/ Soesja Pijlman. Send your application by the 14th of September to soesja.pijlman@circomundo.nl

The masterclass is part of the Assistant trainers sharing knowledge project, coordinated by the Finnish Youth Circus Association and with ten partners: Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre, Fundacja Miasto Projekt (Poland), Vlaams centrum voor circuskunsten (Belgium), Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni (Italy), Circomundo (Netherlands), FEECSE (Spain), FFEC (France), CircusWorks (United Kingdom), BAG-Zirkuspädagogik (Germany) and Cirkokrog (Slovenia). The project is funded through the Erasmus+ program.

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