NICE MEETING GAAT DOOR: 5 tot en met 10 oktober bij Zirkus Pimparello

Circomundo behartigt belangen van jeugdcircussen in Nederland.

2012 09 29 Pimparello A 019

NICE MEETING GAAT DOOR: 5 tot en met 10 oktober bij Zirkus Pimparello


Van 5 tot en met 10 oktober organiseren Zirkus Pimparello/Circactive en EYCO de NICE meeting 2016.
Het concept programma vind je hier.

NICE MEETING 2016 – October 6 till October 11

Dear all,

From October 6 till October 11 Circactive and EYCO are organizing the NICE meeting 2016 at Pimparello’s in Gschwend (Germany). Once again a wonderful opportunity to meet collegues from all over Europe, sharing and learning and having fun!

There will be a huge amount of seminars and workshop, as well as plenty of time to share tricks and just get to know each other and there are some nice acts on the program as well, from circus techniques to working with refugees and from black light and choreography to international projects –  check it out here!
Do you want to join? Send in your application and come to Gschwend in October.
Note: there is room for 4 people per country, so don’t wait too long!

During the meeting we will start a European circus youth forum. In the attachments you will find all information on that. So if you are under 26 and interested in an international career in the youth circus world, please also send in your application, checking the youth forum box and adding the information required.

It is all for free, except travelling costs (around 70 to 100 euros).

Download the application form here, fill it in and send it to ……

Any questions or remarks, check your national organization or send a mail to Eveline Alders,

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